[CLUE-Cert] Where us Softpro

John Kottal jlkottal at americanisp.net
Fri Nov 24 11:04:53 MST 2000

The mall is called The Meadows on the Parkway, and it's on the southwest
corner of Foothills Parkway (47th Street) and Baseline Road. The
entrance is off Baseline road. After you turn into the mall at stop at
the first stop sign by the bank, SoftPro is kinda back in the southeast
corner in the row at the east end of the parking lot: look for Nick &
Wills' Pizza and SoftPro is just to the south of that next to a bagel
place. The proper street address is

    4800 Baseline Road, B-102
    Boulder, CO  80303-2699

and the phone number is


They discount most books 10%, and if you join their free book club,
sometimes a little more.

If you tell them I sent you, their increase their usual discount by 00%
<g>; but do be sure to tell them you're a CLUE or BLUG member.

John Kottal

Randolph Cordell wrote:

> Is there more than one location?

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