[CLUE-Cert] Books

Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Fri Nov 24 18:26:57 MST 2000

Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> Lynn Danielson wrote:
> > > Linux Complete Reference   HOWTOs and FAQs
> > > Linux Advanced Reference   more of the above
> >
> > Dennis, how up to date are these books?  I see that they
> > were published October, 1999. ... Is there more to these
> > books than a reprinting of HowTos and FAQs?
>  At one time I think they were published twice a year.  I don't
> think they contain anything more than HowTos and FAQs, ... it's
> a lot more compact than printing out even a fraction of the HowTos.

As much as I prefer the printed word I think I'll stick to the on-line
versions of the FAQs & HOW-TOs.  They change too quickly.  If the 
material was current and I knew that a decent portion of the eighty 
bucks was going to go back to the authors, I might consider the 
purchase worthwhile.  Would you mind checking your copies to see if
any mention is made about a portion of the profits compensating the
authors or the LDP?

> > > Linux kernel books
Thanks for your comments, Dennis.

> > Would you recommend these over the K&R books and the
> > C Standard Library Reference?
> ...  I would recommend the GNU C Library books over the
> C Standard Library Reference because Linux uses the GNU 
> C library.  GNU does have function calls that aren't
> part of the standard ... I could bring the GNU books to
> the next meeting if you want to compare them.

Please do.  Come to think of it shrink-wrapping is another
reason I haven't purchased GNU books.  I know they're not
all shrink-wrapped, but some are.

> The latest editions are better looking than their predecessors. 
> Some of them were sprial-bound!

Not even spiral-bound, I can't remember the name for it, but it's
a plastic claw binding.  You're right though.  I was as Softpro
this afternoon and the GNU books are looking much better.  The 
type print was fine and most were perfect bound.

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