[CLUE-Cert] Books

Dennis J Perkins dperkins2 at qwest.net
Fri Nov 24 20:28:50 MST 2000

Lynn Danielson wrote:

> As much as I prefer the printed word I think I'll stick to the on-line
> versions of the FAQs & HOW-TOs.  They change too quickly.  If the
> material was current and I knew that a decent portion of the eighty
> bucks was going to go back to the authors, I might consider the
> purchase worthwhile.  Would you mind checking your copies to see if
> any mention is made about a portion of the profits compensating the
> authors or the LDP?

Good question.  I don't know if those books donate any profits.  I have a
variant of those books, tho, and it doesn't mention anything like this.


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