[CLUE-Cert] Linux certs

Randolph Cordell open2ningz at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 19:49:54 MST 2000

>We'd be glad to have you there.  Would you be willing to share some
>comments about the first few tests with the list?

The questions are worded very trickily - some maintain that they are worded
badly.  I guess I agree with both perspectives but not across the board. 
Someone else posted here that the SAIR books are not all-encompassing. That's
true.  You need to be building and breaking machines at home in my opinion
and follow everything that you don't understand until you do, making notes of
the additional issues that pop up in those pursuits, and then follow them. 
There are a limited number of places to practice with exam-like questions: 
SAIR's site, their books, I've heard that LPI site has sample exams for their
tests and when I enrolled for my exam with prometric I was given a web site
where they offered a practice exam.  Do all of this that you can and follow
all your weaknesses before you take the real one.  

The 'find' command has a VERY extensive set of 'options, actions and tests.' 
You'd be well advised to look closely at as much of it as you can before you
overload, particularly the '-perm' tests when preparing for the second test. 
Know the {} stuff.  

Running Linux is good.  

All books have contridictions and errors and the distributions vary still
further - 'Linux' is a moving target.  You just have to dig in, and you'll be

I've noticed there are some questions that in my opinion were out of place. 
That is Admin questions on Install exams.  Study ahead of your exams, it's
not wasted time, it's delayed payoff at worst.

Break some machines.

There is a lot of usable equipment in thrift stores (Savers) if you know what
you are looking at.  'Usable' meaning minimum $ to convert.  For example 386
and 486 machines that a scrounged Pentium MB makes into a cheap but workable
machine.   I've bought many PC's 4.99 and SVGA monitors for 3.99, keyboards
1.99.  Thursdays(?) are $.99 days.  Take a truck.  OF course now my sources
will be RAIDED!!!  But that's okay, I got mine.  For monitors I would
recommend editing and condensing into a handy pocket version the MONITORs
section of the X11 howto (this is from memory but it's out there soomewhere
in X11 land).  Monitors are the hardest to tell their resolution unless they
just happen to have a 1024 in the model number..... If you plug it in with no
signal, usually, not always, you can tell if horz/vert deflection circuitry
are working by turning up the contrast and brightness.  If all you see is a
bright white line in either direction, put it back.  ;)

I hope this is usefull.


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