[CLUE-Cert] Meeting Notes -- 9/27/00

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Mon Oct 2 10:28:47 MDT 2000

Last Wednesday several of us met at the DTC Mariott
to discuss the direction of the group.  We briefly
reviewed available materials for certification and
chose to get started with the Sair certification
program.  The first level of which is LCP.

The LCP consists of one of two tests.  Installation
and Configuration - Level 1, test 3X0-101 and 
System Administration - Level 1, test 3X0-102.
To gain Sair LCA (Linux Certified Administrator)
requires passing two more exams: Networking - Level
1, test 3X0-103 and Security, Privacy & Ethics -
Level 1, test 3X0-104.  So, it will cost $300-$400
to take the tests for for Sair's level 1 certification.

We agreed to meet next Wednesday, October 11th, at IHS 
in the Inverness business park (I-25 & County Line Rd).
I have not yet been able to get permission to use our
facilities, because the person who's in the position to
grant me permission is on vacation until next Monday.
I'm not expecting a problem, but I'll keep you posted.

The material we are planning to review for next 
Wednesday is the first chapter of the Sair Linux
and GNU Certification Student Manual.  The PDF is
not printable using acroread or Xpdf, but it can
be printed using ghostscript (Thanks to Dennis 
Perkins for that suggestion).  We also agreed to
try installing Slackware 7.1 between now and then.

Lynn Danielson

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