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Don Collier collierd at email.com
Fri Oct 13 13:03:24 MDT 2000

I sent this before but got no reply, so I will try again. 

I am a very recent addition to the CLUE group, this week in fact.  I did
attend the meeting on Tuesday, and I would like to also find out about
attending the certification meetings.  Can you send me the specifics. 
Who, when, where, what to bring, and do I need to purchase anything. 

Lynn Danielson wrote:
> John Kottal wrote:
> >
> > Greetings,
> >
> > Having finally been freed from attendance of school on Wednesdays,
> > I now look forward to the next certification group meeting.
> > Could someone bring me up to date on what was discussed in the first
> > two? What were the readings?
> > And what is the topic and reading for the next class?
> I'll add to Eric's post.  The Sair material we are reading is from
> their Installation and Configuration Student Manual.  I know you have
> the Sair Installation and Configuration certification book which
> should cover the same material.
> Finish up chapter one of the Sair Student manual and get as
> far into chapter two as we can.  We're currently focusing
> on Slackware installation and configuration.  As Eric mentioned
> chapter two wants us to compare and contrast several Linux
> distributions.  I think that it's going to take us some time
> to work through several distributions as a group.  When I
> asked the group which distribution we should focus on for our
> next meeting, David said that he'd like to spend more time
> configuring Slackware before we move on.  So, at least for
> the next meeting we'll still be on Slackware.  If we're going
> to get through the material in six months we can't afford to
> spend much more than a month on any given distribution.  We
> will be continuing to compare and contrast them as we go and
> I think we may need to continually come back to questions
> we covered in earlier chapters of the book as we gain more
> experience with different Linux distributions.
> I can email a postscript file with chapters one and two of
> the Sair Student Manual to anyone who wants them, but even
> compressed they're about a megabyte in size which some ISP's
> may reject.  Let me know if you want me to send them on.
> The next meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., October 25
> in conference room 102 of the IHS Energy building.  One
> thing that I should have mentioned when I mailed out the
> maps to IHS is that there is a small loading dock on the
> North East end of the building, just North of the door
> where we need to enter.  Also please try to be there by
> 7:00, I will be at the door until that time, but afterwards
> you'll need to get the security guards attention, because
> the door will be locked.
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