[CLUE-Cert] Introduction

Gary Every gevery at ecentral.com
Mon Oct 30 13:37:02 MST 2000

I'm on a certification path as well, and was perusing the web for some
support/answers/etc and came upon this mailing list. It seems from reading
your archives that the group is concentrating on the installation and
configuration test at this point.
I went to a training class offered by Linuxgruven.com, a company that farms
out sysadmins to corporations and businesses. It was an 80 hour "boot camp"
and helped me a great deal. I've taken and passed the first two SAIR cert
tests, and I'm going for my third test Tuesday. I'd appreciate any input
anyone may have, as well as be willing to answer any questions any of you
may have.
I look forward to hearing from you

Gary Every
"I feel the force of NT strong in this one. Take care to avoid him"

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