[CLUE-Cert] time and place

STARSTest at aol.com STARSTest at aol.com
Fri Sep 1 12:14:43 MDT 2000

Hi Lynn,

I'm just getting up to speed on this Linux Certification stuff, but I agree the SAIR program sounds like it has two distinct advantages.

1. Open ideology. Promoting general linux (posix compliant) skills rather than any specific flavor.
2. It sounds like you already have established a good relationship with SAIR.  They have provided study materials with the promise of more to follow and future access to online support.

All we need is someone qualified and willing to lead a study group and consensus on the meeting place/time.

I have not received a response for my request to Ajilon yet.  I don't expect I will until after everyone comes back from their long weekend either.

Ajilon is right downtown:
1050 17th Street, suite 1460

So basically the 14th floor of the building where the Rock Bottom Brewery is located.  Within easy walking distance of 16th Street light rail stop and the building does have ample parking.  I will call and find out about parking rates.

Anywhere downtown will be impacted by Rockies games.  That just the way it is in downtown Denver.

And yea, we would have to limit the sub-group size to approximately 10 people.  One positive though, is as people in this group become proficient they can provide SAIR mentoring to other sub-groups. :)

Another possibility would be the Columbine library at Bowles and Wadsworth.  I don't think they charge for their meeting rooms.


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