[CLUE-Cert] After we've selected time and place

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Fri Sep 1 12:34:34 MDT 2000

Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> It probably doesn't matter which one we use [LPI or Sair]
> and we could even combine elements from both.

> consider creating a tentative schedule on the mailing list
> while we're trying to decide on a time and place.

Agreed.  I'd be happier if the pace wasn't too accelerated,
but on the other hand I know that the more time passes, the
more I will forget.  I'll tenatively purpose an six month
plan.  That'll put us into the middle or end of March for
exams.  It divides the year evenly and we could potentially
continue on through the next six months in preparation for
the next exam next September.  Does this seem reasonable
to everyone?  


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