[CLUE-Cert] After we've selected time and place

Chris Hough chris at dslbroadband.com
Fri Sep 1 13:31:55 MDT 2000

That souds like a good plan.


Lynn Danielson wrote:

> Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> >
> > It probably doesn't matter which one we use [LPI or Sair]
> > and we could even combine elements from both.
> > consider creating a tentative schedule on the mailing list
> > while we're trying to decide on a time and place.
> Agreed.  I'd be happier if the pace wasn't too accelerated,
> but on the other hand I know that the more time passes, the
> more I will forget.  I'll tenatively purpose an six month
> plan.  That'll put us into the middle or end of March for
> exams.  It divides the year evenly and we could potentially
> continue on through the next six months in preparation for
> the next exam next September.  Does this seem reasonable
> to everyone?
> Lynn
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