[CLUE-Cert] Re:Linux Eductation.Certification Site: www.freeclassware.com

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Tue Sep 19 14:11:15 MDT 2000

STARSTest at aol.com wrote:
> Has a location and time been established for Linux
> Certification Group?

Nope.  Sorry about that.  I've been very busy and will
remain unavailable until the middle of next week.  

I would like to get the Sair materials out to those who
want them as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, they only
sent me ten packages initially.  When I asked for more,
they sent me only one more.  I've burned an extra ten of 
copies of their study guide CD's.  So, that brings us up 
to about twenty total that I can give out.  I'm not sure 
how best to distribute the Sair packets.  I'd like to give
preference to those who are definitely planning to take a 
Sair exam next spring.  Perhaps those who already have 
multiple Linux distributions could get by without the 
entire package.  Otherwise, we can simply do a lottery 
and if and when I get more packages, I'll distribute them
to those who got left out initially.

Our first meeting doesn't need to be in a nice study area.
A hotel lounge or a restaurant could probably accommodate 
us.  I'll suggest the lounge of the DTC Marriot on Wednesday
night around seven o'clock.  I need to drop someone off at
the airport Wednesday, but as long as traffic isn't too bad,
I should be able to get there by 7:00.  Maybe a hotel by the
airport or the old airport would be a better location?

As far as meeting locations go, we've talked a lot about
libraries.  But does anyone have any contacts with schools?
The Auraria campus would be a good central location.  The 
Colorado Springs LUG meets at the Colorado Technical University.
CTU has a DTC location that we might be able to use.  I'm
pretty sure Genrobot would let us use our old DTC location
for our certification meetings as well.  

I had hoped to find a good centralized location.  A place
that could accommodate the majority of us.  But that's not
looking likely at this time.   Because I think we need to 
get started, I'm going to do my best to secure a location
in the DTC area where we can meet.  Those who are unable 
to attend meetings in the DTC will need to form another 
group elsewhere.  This has been suggested before.  If 
enough people can agree on another place to meet, I will 
do my best to support them with CLUE's resources.  

Dusty, if you're on the list, is the bookstore on Federal
and Wadsworth still available?

I've also been told that Shane at Boulder's Softpro Books
store would consider hosting us as well.  I'm not sure the 
store could hold more than six people or so comfortably, 
but this is a possible option.

So that's the current situation.  

One more thing, however.  Because of our continuing DNS
problems, please reply to clue-cert at clue.techangle.com,
not clue-cert at clue.denver.co.us.

Lynn Danielson

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