[CLUE-Cert] Re:Linux Eductation.Certification Site: www.freeclassware.com

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Tue Sep 19 14:32:19 MDT 2000

Lynn Danielson wrote:
> STARSTest at aol.com wrote:
> > Has a location and time been established for Linux
> > Certification Group?
> I would like to get the Sair materials out to those who
> want them as soon as possible.  ...
> I'll suggest the lounge of the DTC Marriot on Wednesday
> night around seven o'clock.

To clarify, that's next Wednesday, September 27th, not
tomorrow night.  I believe the lounge is called the
Great Divide Pub and it's located at the South end of
the Hotel.


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