[CLUE-Cert] Re:Linux Eductation.Certification Site: www.freeclassware.com

John Kottal jlkottal at americanisp.net
Tue Sep 19 18:41:48 MDT 2000

Lynn Danielson wrote:

> I would like to get the Sair materials out to those who want them as
> soon as possible.

What do these materials consist of? I have the two books from SAIR
already, so all I would need would be any handouts and the CD. Could the

handouts be photocopied?

> Genrobot would let us use our old DTC location for our certification
> meetings as well.

This would be fine with me, but I really hate going from Broomfield
clean across town against the traffic into the DTC area at 6:00 pm.

> I've also been told that Shane at Boulder's Softpro Books store would
> consider hosting us as well.  I'm not sure the store could hold more
> than six people or  so comfortably, but this is a possible option.

>From my conversations with him, he would slide the book cases out of
area by the door and we could get easily 15 people there.

I don't know where the geographical distribution for the locations of
the attendees is. Whereever it is, it would be nice to meet somewhere
close to there, so that everyone does not have to drive too far. Perhaps

another way to share the burden of driving is to hold the meeting at
different locations, one week/month in the DTC area and then in
Boulder/Louisville/Lafayette/Broomfield or north Denver. This would
screw everyone equally in fighting Denver traffic <g>.

John Kottal

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