[CLUE-Cert] Re:Linux Eductation.Certification Site: www.freeclassware.com

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Wed Sep 20 11:50:18 MDT 2000

John Kottal wrote:
> Lynn Danielson wrote:
> > I would like to get the Sair materials out to those who want them
> > as soon as possible.
> What do these materials consist of? I have the two books from SAIR
> already, so all I would need would be any handouts and the CD. Could
> the handouts be photocopied?

They are simply a package of CDROMs in a soft black zipper case.
I've posted the contents previously and they haven't changed.
It contains the Sair disk with a PDF manual, LDP, man pages and
some other stuff.  It also contains several distributions,
presumably for practice installation and configuration.
> > ... Boulder's Softpro Books store ... is a possible option.
> From my conversations with him, he would slide the book cases out of
> the area by the door and we could get easily 15 people there.

Excellent.  Hopefully he's got more chairs stashed away as well.

> I don't know where the geographical distribution for the locations of
> the attendees is. Whereever it is, it would be nice to meet somewhere
> close to there, so that everyone does not have to drive too far. Perhaps
> another way to share the burden of driving is to hold the meeting at
> different locations, one week/month in the DTC area and then in
> Boulder/Louisville/Lafayette/Broomfield or north Denver. This would
> screw everyone equally in fighting Denver traffic <g>.

I'm willing to consider this, but we're currently having
a lot of trouble settling on a single location.  What's
the chance we can agree on three or more?  Also, I personally
suffer from a bad memory and would probably miss gatherings
because I wasn't paying enough attention to where we were 
supposed to meet from week to week.  If I'm the only one who
with this problem, I'll deal with it.  But I'd prefer to
settle on one location.


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