[CLUE-Cert] Meeting reminder, Monday, Jan 21st

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Mon Jan 21 16:28:50 MST 2002

Sean LeBlanc wrote:
> On 01-21 10:31, Lynn Danielson wrote:
> > Dave Anselmi wrote:
> > >
> > > Regrettably I can't make it this time.  So you won't have my dazzling
> > > insights to entertain ;-)  If that's a relief to you, keep it to
> > > yourself. <G>
> >
> > Your presence will be missed.  I'm sure I speak for everyone in the
> > group when I say that your networking knowledge has been helpful. I
> > hope you can make it next time.
> Yep, Dave has been very helpful for the meetings.
> > I'd like to share some of the experiences I've had with NFS and NIS
> > over the past couple of weeks.  I've worked through most of the
> > problems, but I'd like to discuss them with the group if everyone
> > else is game. Otherwise, we'll try to finish up chapter 1 of the
> > Sair Networking book.
> Sounds good to me. I think we learn more in our meanderings than we would if
> we followed the book in a very strict manner, anyway. The book provides a
> good framework for studying, but we should feel free to draw outside the
> lines.  :)

'Glad you agree.  Our meetings to tend to meander and digress, but 
some of the best information I've picked up in our group has come from 
those digressions.  I'll bring some copies of an NFS article from this 
months LJ and we can use that to help focus the discussion.  
> > Jef and I are planning to eat at Hoong's Palace before the meeting.
> Hope to see you there. I may be a tad bit late. Has the group pared down
> a bit, or is that all the people that you can confirm?

More the later.  Although I haven't seen much of you this past month. ;-)
I hope all's well.  Dave Holz and Dennis are still regulars.  As you
know Dave Anselmi's been joining us regularly since this fall.  He helped
give me a much better understanding of subnetting in our last gathering.
Dusty surprised by showing up with some books from a now defunct book store
and a few other goodies for the LUG.  We do seem to have lost a few folks 
that were showing up regularly last year.  Hopefully they know that they
are welcome back anytime.  

If you are one of those folk who used to show up to our study group,
please drop me a line and let me know why you stopped coming.  I'd
like to know.

Lynn <lynnd at techangle.com>

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