[CLUE-Cert] Meeting reminder, Monday, Jan 21st

Ben Roe ben at tde.com
Mon Jan 21 16:53:19 MST 2002

Well, gang, I'm one of those whose attendance has been pretty spotty of
late, and one whose life situation has changed some of my priorities.  I 
missed so much around my sister's death, and the followup activities, 
and my mother's cancer, that I've decided to drop out for now, until I 
can get the sys admin test passed (no, I haven't failed it yet, just
haven't taken it yet!).  I am still committed to getting the complete 
SAIR cert.

I hope to rejoin you perhaps by summer (or spring, if I get lucky).

I, too, have gained much by the dazzling insights of the various members,
the rabbits we chase and the digressions we meander through.  I look
forward to more in the future.

Best wishes,

Lynn Danielson wrote:
> Sean LeBlanc wrote:
> >
> > On 01-21 10:31, Lynn Danielson wrote:
> > > Dave Anselmi wrote:
> > > >
> > > > Regrettably I can't make it this time.  So you won't have my dazzling
> > > > insights to entertain ;-)   ...
> >
> > Sounds good to me. I think we learn more in our meanderings than we would if
> > we followed the book in a very strict manner, anyway. The book provides a
> > good framework for studying, but we should feel free to draw outside the
> > lines.  :)
> 'Glad you agree.  Our meetings to tend to meander and digress, but
> some of the best information I've picked up in our group has come from
> those digressions.  ... We do seem to have lost a few folks
> that were showing up regularly last year.  Hopefully they know that they
> are welcome back anytime.
> If you are one of those folk who used to show up to our study group,
> please drop me a line and let me know why you stopped coming.  I'd
> like to know.
> Lynn <lynnd at techangle.com>

Ben Roe
Denver, Colorado USA

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