[CLUE-Cert] Some articles on LPI, SAIR, and Linux+

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Tue Jan 22 17:01:42 MST 2002

Crawford Rainwater wrote:
> . . ., I came across some decent articles
> on the LPIC, LCA, Linux+, as well as some information on
> the LPIC-2 and LCE exams on UnixReview.com.  Do a search on
> the name Emmett Dulaney (he wrote the articles on reviewing
> the certs, top 50 things to know about then, etc.) and it
> should pull them up, including the recent Level 2 comparisons.
> Also, I have PDF copies of these as well, if anyone is
> interested, that I can place on the linux_study group site.


Send me the info and I'll get it up on our site.  The PDFs
are almost certainly too long to post to the list.  You
can mail them to me at lynnd at techangle.com. 


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