[CLUE-Cert] LPI Press Release at LinuxWorld Expo in NYC today...

Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at itec-co.com
Wed Jan 30 16:15:33 MST 2002

Some answers below...

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> Is LPI trying to replace SAIR? I checked SAIR's site and they 
> don't have any mention of
> this and no indication that they are going away. Or is this just 
> a MS type strategy move to
> get more people with their cert in hand so that if becomes the 
> de-facto standard?
> Isn't/wasn't SAIR supposed to be at Linuxworld giving away exams 
> again like they have in
> the past? I don't remember for sure.

SAIR was scheduled to be at the LinuxWorld Expo, but withdrew
at the last minute.  I am not at liberty to tell why, nor do I
really know, you would have to ask SAIR on that one.

As for LPI's intentions, I am guessing they are trying to move
more folks over from SAIR presently since they also are putting
out their Level 2 material now as well.  SAIR introduced their
Level 2 material at the last expo, and was tentatively going to
offer the exams and review sessions at this one.

I think LPI will be around for a bit, they do not seem to have
that career dissipation light on at the moment.  They are pretty
big outside the US is my understanding (in both Europe and Asia)
and trying to get a basis in the US.  SAIR on the reverse is 
pretty big in the US, some in Europe, not much in Asia.

<personal rant>

My personal $0.02, I would like to see a unified Linux certification
overall...maybe this is the start?

As for the position of ITEC (my company which provides Linux
training and education), we are moving to a certification neutral 
oriented training and education in the near future.  Our goal is 
Linux training, one Linux for all (hence why no RedHat specific
courses).  The certification in the end is the student's
side, but we plan on making sure that student is well equipped
and prepared to go either LPI or SAIR or Linux+.  By the way, 
yes we are a SAIR ACE (Accredited Center for Education) and we 
do support LPI and Linux+ at the same time, since in the end, 
we advocate Linux training.  If LPI or CompTIA comes out with
the a similar title like a SAIR ACE, we will be applying for 
that as well ASAP.  At the moment though, they don't.

</personal rant>


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