[CLUE-Cert] LPI Press Release at LinuxWorld Expo in NYC today...

Michael Robbert mrobbert at mines.edu
Thu Jan 31 09:17:15 MST 2002

I personally have no problem with SAIR being corporately funded with all the professional
organiztion behind it like I'm sure some Open Source fanatics might. Personally I'd rather
have a certification that I know has been independently verified as meaning something. I
don't know much about LPI so I'm not saying that they aren't as good or better than SAIR.
At this point with both of them being possible front runners I should probably finish my
LCA and get the LPIC I.
On a side note some of my ranting comes from what I have been told about the new SAGE Cert.
Has anybody been following that? I took their beta exam at LISA last year and thought it
was fairly complete for what it was, which is a vendor neutral Sys Admin exam. They are
being so thorough that they have decided the data from that beta didn't statistically cover
what they wanted it to so they are extending the beta period so they'll know for sure what
a good passing score will be and not just pull a number out of a hat.
* Crawford Rainwater (crawford.rainwater at itec-co.com) wrote:
> My $0.02, both are true to Open Source.  The difference
> is how both started out in the community:
> - LPI: a non-profit, .org, low budget, loosely organized,
>   cert exams only.
> - SAIR: profit, has Thomson Learning Intl funding it, corp
>   organized, cert exams, training material, certified training
>   center, train the trainers classes.
> Now LPI has a paid board of execs, Chuck Mead and Jim Leary
> being two I know of (Chuck gave the SAIR Press release today
> in fact) with a better direction and foundation IMHO.  SAIR
> is presently a big ? on quite a few folk's minds for various
> reasons due to the re-integration back into Thomson Learning
> Intl recently.
> As for what Mike Benavides was referring to...got me there.
> My talks with Tobin Maginnis and company at the last expo and
> during the course of business with SAIR seems to be on an Open
> Source angle if you ask me.  Perhaps the Open Source vs. the
> Corporate model views might be what Mike was referring to,
> in which case that is noted above and can be seen most definitely.
> >From the speeches today from HP CEO and IBM Server VP on the way
> the industry is moving towards Linux, I see this integration
> while still being Open an interesting aspect and potential
> challenge.  Time will tell on that one.
> --- Crawford

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