[CLUE-Cert] Re: LFS bootable CD

Dennis J Perkins djperkins at americanisp.net
Mon Nov 4 20:25:32 MST 2002

>>The LFS site is looking for a new host, so I also burned PDF, html and 
>>text documents for LFS, BLFS and hints onto the disk.  VA Linux (or 
>>whatever their name is now) was hosting LFS but decided only to host 
>>sourceforge.  I wonder how many of the changes ar VA Linux could have 
>>been avoided if they had not gone public or would they be in worse shape?
> Unfortunate news.  At least there are enough mirrors that the files
> should be available for a while even if VA drops the site.

I don't know if anyone has offered to take it over.  Maybe one of the 

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