[CLUE-Cert] Klepto

Sean LeBlanc seanleblanc at americanisp.net
Wed Nov 6 22:36:14 MST 2002


Somehow, I came home with a paper clip (the big kind that are like clamps).
Is anyone missing one of these? I must have been fiddling with it, and
clamped it onto my stuff...and there it was today. Yeah, I'm one of those
people who inadvertantly walk off with pens, too. One time I came back to my
desk from a meeting with a dry erase marker...

Also: I mentioned about the test ballot having something worded backwards
vs. what was actually at the booth. I looked at it today, and it was the
same, so don't worry. I think the pamphlet from the League of Women Voters
is where it was  backwards. The issue was the "exempt from term limits" one.


Sean LeBlanc:seanleblanc at americanisp.net  

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