LFS bootable CD [was re: [CLUE-Cert] Next meeting]

Lynn Danielson lynn.danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Tue Oct 29 11:21:44 MST 2002

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 20:29, Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> Lynn Danielson wrote:
> > Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> > > I'm still trying to get a bootable CD.  ...
> My sister said her employer has also had problems with blank CDs and 
> DVDs.  After trying a number of venders, she said that they have the 
> best luck with Maxell.  97% I think.

I think we've had our best luck with TDK media.  Problem is, even 
within the same brand name, the source manufacturer can change.
I've seen a list of manufactures, their reliability and the 
brandnames they're sold under.  If you're interested, I'll see if
I can find it for you.
> I think my CD writer is pretty good. It's a Plextor SCSI drive.

No argument there. 
> > Maybe we could work on the bootable CD as a group.
> Even if I manage to solve all of the problems, this would be a good 
> idea.  There are different strategies and it is a good way to learn 
> about ramdisks, initrd, and loop devices.
> I'll put a message out to CLUE and see if anyone has some answers.

Good luck,


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