LFS bootable CD [was re: [CLUE-Cert] Next meeting]

Dennis J Perkins djperkins at americanisp.net
Mon Oct 28 20:29:54 MST 2002

Lynn Danielson wrote:
> Dennis J Perkins wrote:
>>Lynn Danielson wrote:
>>>Dennis wrote:
>>>>I've been working on a bootable CD. Hopefully, I will have it working
>>>>later tonight.  There are a few missing things in the hint.
>>>Very cool.  ... if you can build an image, I'd
>>>be happy to make some copies with nice labels.
>>I'm still trying to get a bootable CD.  I'm not sure what's causing some 
>>of the problems but I recall similar problems with burning CD's for SCO 
>>last year.  First, the hint is incomplete and the scripts have errors. 
>>Another problem was that linuxrc could find echo and dd, but not mkdir. 
>>  I finally abandoned using PATH and just said /bin/mkdir.
> Sound frustrating.  Have you tried echoing the path to see if it's
> getting set the way you think it is?

Yes.  The path was set up correctly.  I have no idea why it could find 
some programs and not others in /bin.

>>I still have troubles with mkdir, however.  I'm getting inode errors 
>>when booting from the CD and I haven't found the cause of that yet.  It 
>>might be the CDs.  In my experience, the quality of blank CDs is very 
>>uneven, even from the same box.  Some can only be read by the same CD 
>>burner and others cannot be read by DVD. drives.  I wish manufacturers 
>>would be required to pass some reliability tests.
> I think this is much more dependent on the CD-writer than the media.
> I know that some media can be problematic, but I've found most media
> works just fine in a good drive.  Even the quality of the bulk generic
> or cheap disks are much better than they were a few years ago.  If
> your willing to ftp me the iso image, I can try it on one of our 
> machines here.

My sister said her employer has also had problems with blank CDs and 
DVDs.  After trying a number of venders, she said that they have the 
best luck with Maxell.  97% I think.

I think my CD writer is pretty good. It's a Plextor SCSI drive.

>>I might abandon the bootlfscd hint and try isolinux instead.  I
>>would rather figure this out, however, if I can.
> Keep on plugin' and keep me posted.  If it's too much trouble,
> I'll fall back to my plan of simply putting all of the packages
> onto an iso image.  Maybe we could work on the bootable CD as
> a group.

Even if I manage to solve all of the problems, this would be a good 
idea.  There are different strategies and it is a good way to learn 
about ramdisks, initrd, and loop devices.

I'll put a message out to CLUE and see if anyone has some answers.
> Lynn
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