LFS bootable CD [was re: [CLUE-Cert] Next meeting]

Lynn Danielson lynn.danielson at ihs.com
Mon Oct 28 15:43:04 MST 2002

Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> Lynn Danielson wrote:
> > Dennis wrote:
> >>I've been working on a bootable CD. Hopefully, I will have it working
> >>later tonight.  There are a few missing things in the hint.
> > 
> > Very cool.  ... if you can build an image, I'd
> > be happy to make some copies with nice labels.
> I'm still trying to get a bootable CD.  I'm not sure what's causing some 
> of the problems but I recall similar problems with burning CD's for SCO 
> last year.  First, the hint is incomplete and the scripts have errors. 
> Another problem was that linuxrc could find echo and dd, but not mkdir. 
>   I finally abandoned using PATH and just said /bin/mkdir.

Sound frustrating.  Have you tried echoing the path to see if it's
getting set the way you think it is?
> I still have troubles with mkdir, however.  I'm getting inode errors 
> when booting from the CD and I haven't found the cause of that yet.  It 
> might be the CDs.  In my experience, the quality of blank CDs is very 
> uneven, even from the same box.  Some can only be read by the same CD 
> burner and others cannot be read by DVD. drives.  I wish manufacturers 
> would be required to pass some reliability tests.

I think this is much more dependent on the CD-writer than the media.
I know that some media can be problematic, but I've found most media
works just fine in a good drive.  Even the quality of the bulk generic
or cheap disks are much better than they were a few years ago.  If
your willing to ftp me the iso image, I can try it on one of our 
machines here.
> I might abandon the bootlfscd hint and try isolinux instead.  I
> would rather figure this out, however, if I can.

Keep on plugin' and keep me posted.  If it's too much trouble,
I'll fall back to my plan of simply putting all of the packages
onto an iso image.  Maybe we could work on the bootable CD as
a group.


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