[CLUE-Cert] Internet problems

Sean LeBlanc seanleblanc at americanisp.net
Sun Aug 24 21:11:29 MDT 2003

On 08-24 20:33, Dennis J Perkins wrote:
> I couldn't access their web page Frida morning.  They came back online 
> sometime in teh afernoon.
> I'm still having trouble downloading files.  The downloads tend to stop 
> partway thru and I frequently need to try a few times in order to get 
> something downloaded.  This is a recent problem and I am not happy with 
> their not responding to complaints.  IF this is still a problem after I 
> get back from China, I will probably look for a different ISP.  But I 
> still don't know if they are Qwest is the real problem.  Accessing web 
> pages doesn't seem to be a problem  If someone sends me attachments, 
> tho, my email downloads sometimes lock up.

I was going to follow up and say I wasn't having any problems with email
that I've noticed. But.

Then I remembered I've been having problems with Window Update. Downloads
keep hanging. I wanted to blame it on M$, but...I also had a download on my
FreeBSD box die about 2/3 of the way through.

Dennis, are you saying downloading in general is timing out? Because I think
I'm seeing the same thing.

> davidholz at americanisp.net wrote:
> >Dennis,
> >
> >Things seem OK for now with my Americanisp service including email.
> >
> >I did have trouble on either Thursday or Friday morning though.
> >I couldn't connect to them from USGS where I normally have a good 
> >connection
> >through their network.  Fearing worms etc. or some gateway blocked by
> >an internal security directive, I checked other sites and they seemed fine.
> >Americanisp seemed to be down (at least I couldn't connect) for a few 
> >hours.
> >After that it seemed OK.
> >
> >At home, I use a basic dial up connection and it seems normal as I write 
> >this.
> >
> >Hope this helps.
> >
> >    David
> >
> > 
> >
> >>How many people are having trouble getting email, especially with 
> >>attachments, or downloading files?  I have tried to ask AmericanIsp what 
> >>is going on, and they have not responded.  I don't know if my DSL 
> >>connection is acting up, if my ISP is the problem, or if these worms 
> >>have clogged up the Internet that badly.  I doubt it's the last because 
> >>I can still access some sites without difficulty.
> >>
> >>If these problems persist after I come back from China, I think I will 
> >>start shopping for a new ISP.  Silence is not an acceptable response.

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