[CLUE-Cert] PVR Hardware

Sean LeBlanc seanleblanc at comcast.net
Sat Aug 14 11:07:31 MDT 2004

On 08-08 08:53, Sean LeBlanc wrote:
> I know I'm the only one who really cares about the emulation part of the PVR
> project, but thought I'd ask anyway: does anyone know how to get two
> joysticks attached to a PC? On an old, old machine, I had a gameport on a
> soundcard, IIRC, but it only allowed one joystick at a time. I used this to
> play an old favorite of mine from Super Nintendo.  
> Searching comes up with "arcade style" joystick solutions. I don't want
> those, as interesting as it sounds. If I was building a coin-op style arcade
> case, maybe then.
> Maybe this is all moot. Maybe it's standard to have two gameports now?
> Unless these are part the soundcard, I guess this makes one more slot to
> worry about having on a case.

Hey, a follow-up on this: I went to a computer hardware shop in Broomfield
that's near work. They said that most (all?) new gamepads/joysticks use USB.
Which makes the whole # of ports thing moot.


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