[CLUE-Cert] LPI Cert/Exam-Fest?

Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at linux-etc.net
Fri Jan 30 13:22:24 MST 2004

Just an idea that I have been pondering, but I figured I would put it
out to the CLUE-Cert folks for some feedback.

How many folks out there would be interested in taking the LPI exams
(e.g. LPI-101, LPI-102, LPI-103 (after ~mid to late March), LPI-201,
LPI-202) via the written proctor version at a possible discount (i.e.,
vs. $100/exam through Prometrics and Vue)?

The format of the exam is the same, just written vs. digital.  Same
rules would apply as well.

If there is enough interest, I can move forward some and see about
setting this up for April or so on a weekend.  Most likely the location
will be DeVry (where CLUE-North meets).

Feedback and comments welcomed.  TIA.

--- Crawford

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