[CLUE-Cert] Re: [CLUE-Admin] InstallFest details

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Thu Mar 11 18:00:27 MST 2004

Crawford Rainwater wrote:

>Joanne has set up things at DeVry for a CLUE InstallFest for Saturday, 3 April. ...
>Also, still working on getting a possible CertFest (LPI certification exams) going for the same date.  More to come on that.

If you hold the certification testing on the same day as the install 
fest, some of us who would otherwise be willing to help out with the 
install fest will be focused on the certification instead.  Just a 
thought.  Another thought is that I will be on vacation from April 3rd 
through the 11th.  Oh well.  :-(


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