[CLUE-Members] What is the intent of this list

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Thu Sep 11 17:15:47 MDT 2003

JL Kottal wrote:

> What is the intent of this list?
> It is for technical topics as are in CLUE-TECH, or general babblings 
> as are in CLUE-TALK or both or neither?
> Heaven forbid that I would offend the list gods by posting the wrong 
> thing .... AMIIGAS (ask me if I give a sh*t) 

Dear John,

The intent of this list is to discuss CLUE membership benefits
and activities.  It is my hope that we will have some new bene's
throughout the year and this is where I will announce them.  I
also hope that we will manage to schedule a couple of social
gatherings throughout the year.  This list will be used to announce
these events and envite you to participate.

This list is also a forum for you and other members to comment
on the CLUE membership program.  Tell me what you like,
dislike or make suggestions for changes and improvements.

I expect that in a very short time this will be a very low traffic
list.  If you or anyone else would prefer not to see any traffic
from this list, I will change your account accordingly, but as
a member you will still have the right to post.  On the other
hand if you find that you use multiple email clients, configured
with different addresses and you'd like to be able to post to
this list from those accounts too, let me know and I'll set
them up so that you can post using those addresses.

As I mentioned in my previous response to Collins,  The
membership program is new and currently a work in progress.
Your feedback is welcome.

Lynn Danielson
CLUE Membership Coordinator
lynn.danielson at cluedenver.org

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