[CLUE-Members] What is the intent of this list

Collins Richey erichey2 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 11 20:00:43 MDT 2003

On Thu, 11 Sep 2003 17:15:47 -0600
Lynn Danielson <lynnd at techangle.com> wrote:

> JL Kottal wrote:
> > What is the intent of this list?
> >
> > It is for technical topics as are in CLUE-TECH, or general babblings
> > 
> > as are in CLUE-TALK or both or neither?
> >
> > Heaven forbid that I would offend the list gods by posting the wrong
> > 
> > thing .... AMIIGAS (ask me if I give a sh*t) 
> Dear John,
> The intent of this list is to discuss CLUE membership benefits
> and activities.  It is my hope that we will have some new bene's
> throughout the year and this is where I will announce them.  I
> also hope that we will manage to schedule a couple of social
> gatherings throughout the year.  This list will be used to announce
> these events and envite you to participate.
> This list is also a forum for you and other members to comment
> on the CLUE membership program.  Tell me what you like,
> dislike or make suggestions for changes and improvements.

Thanks for all the good work.  I get all the benefits I want from CLUE -
good information, and a lot of it.  I do get irritated, however, when
someone posts and one of the self-righteous types rises to the occasion
by reminding the poor soul ad nauseam that he should post to another

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