[CLUE-Members] Re: Duplicate new member emails

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Thu Sep 11 19:04:57 MDT 2003

Jed S. Baer wrote:

>Lynn Danielson wrote:
>>... What I want to do to
>>rectify this is to subscribe everyone one more time with the preferred
>>email address you gave me.  I will hide these addresses and set them to
>>not receive mail. ...
>>The next question I have for everyone is -- how worried are you about
>>email address havesting? ... I had planned to make the list archives
>>public.  This would allow everyone to harvest email addresses.  This already happening on the other [CLUE] lists, but I'm willing to change the policy for this list if you don't want this to happen. ...
>Well, I'm more than happy to just subscribe myself, using my own e-mail
>address. Wouldn't the simplest solution be to just send a "subscribe
>invitation" to each new member, with the URL for the mailman subscription
>page, or instructions on how to send an e-mail with "Subscribe" in the
>subject line? 

Since I already have the list of email addresses everyone gave me in
electronic format, I think the easiest thing is for me to do a cut and
past bulk subscription.  It's a process I personally find easier than
approving a bunch of people individually.  But if you and others
want to subscribe alternate email accounts through the web page,
that's fine by me.  The web page for doing this can be found by
following the "Email Lists" link from CLUE home page or you
can go to it directly:


>Can mailman be setup so that the list moderator has to
>approve subscriptions?

Yes.  Mailman does allow for an approval step and the clue-memebers list is
currently configured for this. 

>I'm actually uncertain whether it's best to automatically subscribe
>members to a mailing list. Maybe some folks just want to support the
>group, but aren't interested in anything else?

That may be true and if anyone feels that way, I'll be happy to configure
their subscription so that they receive no mail.  But I figured that most
folks in the group would be interested to know that their picture was on
the website or that someone is offering our group a discount or that we're
having a picnic to celebrate GNU's twentieth birthday.  If I'm wrong I
suspect I'll hear about it.

>As far as spam goes, I've already given up on the obscurity approach. My
>ISP catches about 99% of the spam I get, so having a public archive is no
>biggie to me.

Cool.  Thanks for the comments.


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