[CLUE-Members] Re: Duplicate new member emails

Jed S. Baer thag at frii.com
Thu Sep 11 17:16:27 MDT 2003

On Thu, 11 Sep 2003 15:51:51 -0600
Lynn Danielson <lynnd at techangle.com> wrote:

> It also occurs to me that none of you are (or likely will be) using your
> firstname.lastname at cluedenver.org to identify yourselves in your
> email client.  Since I signed everyone up with these aliases, you won't
> be able to post to the list without approval.  What I want to do to
> rectify this is to subscribe everyone one more time with the preferred
> email address you gave me.  I will hide these addresses and set them to
> not receive mail.  That way you should be able to post to the list using
> your preferred email address without getting duplicate emails.
> The next question I have for everyone is -- how worried are you about
> email address havesting?  While your address is hidden to some
> extent from non-list members, I had planned to make the list archives
> public.  This would allow everyone (including non-list members and
> robots) to harvest email addresses.  This is already happening on the
> other lists, but I'm willing to change the policy for this list if you
> don't want this to happen.
> Here are four solutions in order of my diminishing preference:
>  1. Don't archive the list.
>  2. Make the archive private.
>  3. Drop the complaining members email address from the list.
>  4. Replace the poster's address with the mailing list address.

Well, I'm more than happy to just subscribe myself, using my own e-mail
address. Wouldn't the simplest solution be to just send a "subscribe
invitation" to each new member, with the URL for the mailman subscription
page, or instructions on how to send an e-mail with "Subscribe" in the
subject line? Can mailman be setup so that the list moderator has to
approve subscriptions?

I'm actually uncertain whether it's best to automatically subscribe
members to a mailing list. Maybe some folks just want to support the
group, but aren't interested in anything else?

As far as spam goes, I've already given up on the obscurity approach. My
ISP catches about 99% of the spam I get, so having a public archive is no
biggie to me.

CC'ing you, Lynn, cuz I'm sending this from my usuall addy, and so maybe
it'll bounce from the list.

... it is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday
facilitate a police state. -- Bruce Schneier

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