[CLUE-Tech] Mail Delivery (failure clue-tech@clue.denver.co.us)

Angelo Bertolli angelo at freeshell.org
Thu Jul 8 13:19:47 MDT 2004

>I was starting out with the idea that I was going to have to set up a whole 
>bunch of different programs to get email going here,  once I started out on 
>that task -- sendmail, procmail, fetchmail,  etc.  Then I discovered how easy 
>it was to get kmail to do most of what I wanted,  and sort of just dropped 
>that project.  I may end up picking it up again at some point as this LAN 
>gets a little bigger and other users start to get involved in the picture.  
>Just in the past few days I've started doing this from a workstation (the 
>actual mail itself still lives on a server) using nfs,  but there are some 
>glitches there to work out yet,  and some loose ends.
Well if you do decide to use procmail, you might want to look at this:

I'm particularly fond of this sort of simple filtering

>It's interesting how so many ISPs seem to view keeping you from _downloading_ 
>spam or viruses to be a "good thing" (I guess it is from a marketing point of 
>view) but they don't seem to bother with any consideration whatever about 
>people _upoading_ the damn things.  At least not that I've heard.  This is 
>such an issue that my previous provider screwed up communications for me with 
>both individual parties (one person could NOT reach me by email, good thing 
>we had other channels) and with yahoo,  which at the time I was using for a 
>single list.  As of today I've got 67 lists from there going,  and wouldn't 
>want them screwed up,  though yahoo seems to be taking that into their own 
>hands at this point.
Does Yahoo allow you to upload a virus?  Even if the from address is 
@yahoo.com, I bet it really came from somewhere else.  I think filtering 
on the way out is a good idea.  I really only have experience with 
sendmail though, and I don't think I could get it to filter on relaying.


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