[clue] BASH scripting class was A+ see DenHac.org facility at YouTube

Lorin Ricker Lorin at RickerNet.us
Mon Dec 12 14:30:26 MST 2011

I certainly second this, Gus.  David's class was indeed first-rate, and 
I'd sure like to see more of this type of thing offered on other similar 
subjects, like perhaps scripting (intro) classes on Perl (Jeff?), 
Python, and Ruby (I'm willing to put an intro class together on this for 
Jan/Feb, if anyone's interested...).  Ryan had some ideas for other 
kinds of classes.

We sure all benefit from this kind of sharing!  Thanks again, David, for 
launching this on bash!

best regards,
   -- Lorin

On 01/-10/-28163 12:59 PM, YES NOPE9 wrote:
> http://youtu.be/EoD4AJfgllA
> David Willson gave a great class. 2011m12d10
> This facility can rock for installfests.
> 99guspuppet

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