[clue] BASH scripting class was A+ see DenHac.org facility at YouTube

YES NOPE9 yes at nope9.com
Mon Dec 12 15:35:19 MST 2011

I vote for Ruby and Python  ( I would go to Perl class )

> On Dec 12, 2011, at 2:30 PM, Lorin Ricker wrote:
> I certainly second this, Gus.  David's class was indeed first-rate, and 
> I'd sure like to see more of this type of thing offered on other similar 
> subjects, like perhaps scripting (intro) classes on Perl (Jeff?), 
> Python, and Ruby (I'm willing to put an intro class together on this for 
> Jan/Feb, if anyone's interested...).  Ryan had some ideas for other 
> kinds of classes.
> We sure all benefit from this kind of sharing!  Thanks again, David, for 
> launching this on bash!
> best regards,
>   -- Lorin
> On 01/-10/-28163 12:59 PM, YES NOPE9 wrote:
>> http://youtu.be/EoD4AJfgllA
>> David Willson gave a great class. 2011m12d10
>> This facility can rock for installfests.
>> 99guspuppet

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