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> Subject: Sponsoring or Donating a Lap top computer
> Date: February 12, 2012 3:53:33 PM MST
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> February 12, 2012
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> Mr. Don Schwartz
> As we spoke earlier today, I am (Jeffery Johnson) the Executive Director of The Veterans Assistance League of Colorado (VALCO).  VALCO is an emerging 501(c)3 corporation that, like the American Legion, was established by Veterans for Veterans for the purpose of mutual helpfulness.  Today I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors and our members to request your investment in the growth of this developing enterprise by sponsoring or donating a Lap top computer to the organization. This donation will help VALCO with its day to day operation and a series of workshops/support groups for Veterans working through the VA Benefits process.   
> As Veterans, we know first-hand the challenges our fellow Veterans face each day and the fact that those challenges are greater than any one organization can meet.  Our intention is not to compete with or replace the invaluable work other service organizations such as the American Legion has provided for nearly a hundred years.  Rather, we view our role as one of “filling in the cracks” that are opening as the number of claims for Veterans benefits continues to climb and overburden existing resources to the breaking point.  We are hoping to add support to our follow veterans by helping them to navigate the labyrinth of Veterans and community based resources available to them, as well as provide the on-going support they need while running the gauntlet of the benefits process. 
> As you know our Veterans face tremendous hardships, both personally and financially, as they await their claims to be processed, with many battling for years until their claim is settled.  During this process they often can become frustrated, disillusioned and downright angry which in turn can become one of the biggest barriers to moving their claim forward and significantly diminish their health.  Our mission is fulfilling the needs of these Colorado Veterans by providing innovative programs and services to maximize their quality of life such as care management, system navigation, , policy management,  life skills and personal development.
> What has VALCO done in its first year? We developed and submitted our 501(c)3 documentation that is required to have an organization at all. This is time intensive, boring work with little or no outside evidence however without it nothing else can be achieved. In most cases it takes anywhere from 9 to 24 months for this to occur so the organization is right on track. We have ongoing workshops to coach vets to navigate the VA that has consistently been attended by 5 to 10 Veterans per session. Over past year VALCO has also advocated for more patient-sensitive policy implementation issues effecting long term care and Fitness Center at the Denver VAMC.
> To continue building on this successful foundation we will be launching a pilot program to extend our current services.  Our intention is to utilize trained, peer life coaches to work with Veterans through the VA claims process.  We will hold weekly drop-in coaching groups and benefit application clinics to help Veterans be fully prepared to utilize the services of Veteran Service Officers more effectively as well as link with the critical resources they will need during the award process.  A tangible endorsement of VALCO by you and your associates through a sponsorship or donation of a Lab top computer would prove to be the catalyst we need to evolve our organization to the next level.
> We welcome this opportunity and your support. Please contact me if you are able to provide a donation or if you have any questions. Otherwise, I will contact you in the next few days to follow up.  Again, on behalf of our Board of Directors and members thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you.
> Jeffery C. Johnson
> Executive Director, VALCO
> 303.394.7569  

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