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I don't think anyone is opposed to a 502(c)3. We're not sure it is worth the effort. How much would it cost to register and to keep it? Would we need to file with the IRS every year? 

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Here is an interesting news article on how the IRS can cause pain over 501(c)3 status, by making formal recognition difficult. 

I just did a fast check on the internet, and apparently, the IRS says that normally filing the form for formal recognition takes 4 hours to understand, and 8 hours to fill out. I believe all the forms and information can be found on line. Actually, I think it should be do-able, but it is just a matter of time. I think I could invest some time on this, if there are people who want to do it -- I mean working as a small group. Let me know. 

(I don't think I understand who my e-mails are going to when I send them). 

I believe the issue is a number of member do *NOT* want to see CLUE become a 501c3. There has already been talk of forking a different group from CLUE. I could see that CLUE filed for 501c3 status that there would an exodus of members. I have enjoyed the informal and loosely organized nature of CLUE to date. Now, I could be wrong and that most other members do want to see a more formal CLUE. Perhaps it would be best to see what the larger group desires. As officer elections are soon to be held, I think it would be good if there was a clear direction the membership would like to see the club taken. 


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