[clue] more musings about PCLinuxOS

rex evans rexfordevans at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 21 04:47:13 MST 2012

I am having some good results with Ubuntu 10.04: VLC video/flash player
is playing DVD's, for the first time. My U 8.04 Firefox Flash was not 
a problem: I could even copy some videos. With U 10.04, Firefox, Flashgot, I can copy about 99% of what I want.

I think: within Firefox, you can install different flash-type readers,
so maybe other browsers, like chromium, can do this as well.
I have often made updates to Firefox, indepently of the Ubuntu Update
One Firefox-Add-on stops all flash videos, until I explicitly start
(each) one. Being on dial-up, I especially like this. Most videos
are junk-ads, so I never start them.

Why do you like chromium browsers, Collins or anyone?
(I am looking for an alternate browser.)


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> Subject: [clue] more musings about PCLinuxOS
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> Date: Sunday, February 19, 2012, 9:30 AM
> 1. They are prompt about fixing
> vulnerabilities. I had scarcely read
> about the latest firefox png vulnerability before the fix
> appeared in
> my weekly updates.
> 2. They do not offer even leading edge stuff, much less
> bleeding edge. Examples
>     * ruby afficionados will not like the fact
> that ruby is still at
> 1.8.7 level whereas ruby has been
>        recommending 1.9.x for more
> than a year. That puts them in the
> same boat as
>        RH6/CentOS6/OEL6/SL6 and
> others. Of course, you can fix this
> (almost painlessly) with a fairly
>       standard ruby procedure to install and
> prefer 1.9.
>     * They have not yet switched to the latest kde
> offering - still at 4.6.5
> 3. chromium is my preferred browser, but the latest (a
> couple of
> months back) chromium release disabled support for flash -
> error
> message or flash crash for any use. After extensive
> googling, I found
> that none of the proposed fixes actually work. Little
> interest at
> chromium support and/or PCLinuxOS for fixing this. So, I'm
> back to
> using firefox.
> 4. The chromium/flash bug is almost the only error I have
> encountered
> in two years.
> 5. I'm not sure where they stand with reference to Gnome
> since I never
> use or track that variant.
> Enjoy,
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> Collins Richey
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> the worries
>      of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for.
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