[clue] revisiting boot partition and LVM + grub

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Tue Feb 21 14:36:34 MST 2012

As I understand it, as of GRUB 2, there is no longer a limitation that /boot reside on a simple partition. 

Specifically, I believe /boot can be on an md (software RAID) or an LV now. 

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> Hi All,

> I always put /boot on a dedicated "traditional" partition but have
> been thinking about LVM and seem to recall somewhere
> sometime ago it being suggested that /boot could be on a logical
> volume. It seems that it was more a grub issue...???

> Any pointers to why /boot can or can't be on a logical volume. IE
> possibility/impossibility of building a system that can
> boot from a single disk with only "8e" partition type?

> Thanks,

> -Mike
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