[clue] What day is April's meeting?

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Thu Mar 29 13:54:29 MDT 2012

It's always on the 2nd Tuesday, so the next meeting will be Tuesday, April 10th. 

I don't deal with the website, but I'm sure it was an oversight, and Gus or Dennis or Dave Anselmi or someone will fix it soon. 

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This is a good time for a r3volution. 

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> I have been a long time lurker on this mailing list, but I am
> determined to carve out some time from school and work to make it to
> the meeting. I was looking at the 2012 schedule on the CLUE website
> and it says that the April meeting is on the 11th. However looking
> at my calendar it looks as if the 11th is on a Wednesday. I was
> under the impression all of the meetings are held on a Tuesday. I am
> hoping it is on the 10th because that will work much better with my
> schedule. Is there somebody who can clarify what day it is on?

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> Cheers,
> Nic Young

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