[clue] NFS error log in AIX?

Lori Spencer lspencer at parsec.com
Wed Jan 9 11:02:26 MST 2013

The best way is to do the following:

# stopsrc -g nfs <--- Stoppie

# errclear 0 <--- clearie the error log

# startsrc -g nfs <--- Startie

# lssrc -g nfs <--- lookie

# errpt <--- lookie in error log for errors

Hope this helps.

On 01/09/2013 10:52 AM, Mike Bean wrote:
> Hi all, seeking some advice.  I'm having trouble with a mount on an 
> AIX box, the NFS server is denying permission/access, even though I 
> have the IP specifically set in the line in /etc/exports, and set for 
> root access.
> directory -sec=(various):dh,rw,root=(IP address)
> Unfortunately, AIX doesn't seem to log to /var/log like the rest of us 
> mortals.   What reading I've done suggests that it buries it somewhere 
> in errpt.   Does anyone know how to get the NFS error information out 
> of errpt?
> Bean
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