[clue] certs and more? What things are good fto get in the door as a junior admin?

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Tue Jan 22 08:14:08 MST 2013

Yes, the certs will help, but without field experience, they are only paper. 

This is how you get experience: 

Volunteer. Churches, schools, especially free schools, and all sorts of charities need your help. 

Sell your services directly to small businesses . 

Volunteer for and sell the work you like best, take on as much as you can handle and do everything to make your customers ecstatic. 

Collect good relationships, and reference letters. 

Teach everything you know, and be a wide-eyed learner. 

Work for peace. 

OK, that last one won't really help you get a better job. Or, maybe it will. 

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This is a good time for a r3VOLution. 

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> I am coming from a teaching background, and I have only my certs to
> speak for my knowledge and experience in IT. I have A+ and Network+
> certs so far, and am taking Linux+ LX0-101 next week.

> Will the certs help me get into a Junior admin position? What general
> knowledge should I have in addition?

> Thanks,
> Ash Mohatt M.A.
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