[clue] What DSL modem(s) do people use?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Jul 30 22:04:05 MDT 2015

Bruce Ediger wrote:
> What DSL modems do people use these days?

I have whatever CL said would work--wireless + 4 LAN ports.  I can look it up when I get a chance.

I have one complaint, which is that it doesn't loop internal traffic back to the external IP.  So I 
have to use a different address for my web server if I'm inside/outside.


> I'm interested in having control over NAT, as I have a web server, SSH
> server and SMTP server running.

I have those.  The modem port forwards those 3(4) ports.

> I might want to have the modem just bridge everything over to a computer with 2 ethernets and do
> my own NAT and firewalling.

Sounds like that is possible but I haven't tried bridging.  The 678 will do that.  Unless you're 
switching to a speed (and thus protocol) the 678 can't handle why do you want to change?  (I did 
everything else you've listed on a 678 as well.)

> Also, I'd like to switch off any LAN-side DHCP and DHS, handling all that myself.

These are also easy.


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