[clue] What DSL modem(s) do people use?

Mike Shoup mike at shouptech.com
Fri Jul 31 07:36:42 MDT 2015

You can use just about any DSL modem with your service. The fastest
technology that the Cisco 678 supported is now old enough that virtually
any DSL modem will support it. Easiest setup will probably be found with a
modem that CenturyLink or Qwest provided. If your area ever gets upgraded
service, you'll probably need a newer modem from CenturyLink. I have the
Zyxel Q100Z which will support the latest technologies (VDSL2, and ADSL2+)
in use by CenturyLink.

Once you get your modem, take it and put it into bridge mode which
effectively makes it a dumb modem. You can now take your router (I use an
Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite) and do whatever you need to do. Configure the
router to use PPPoE (you can get the credentials with a call to
CenturyLink) and have fun.

Alternatively, most of the DSL modems do have enough functionality to do
port forwarding and a few other things. I just usually find their firmwares
perform poorly and are limited in customization.

Hope that helps.

Mike Shoup

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 2:36 PM, Bruce Ediger <bediger at stratigery.com>

> I'm currently on Centurylink DSL, with a Cisco 678 courtesy of someone
> on this list who I've forgotten, but thank you, generous CLUE person!
> What DSL modems do people use these days?
> I'm interested in having control over NAT, as I have a web server, SSH
> server and SMTP server running. I might want to have the modem just
> bridge everything over to a computer with 2 ethernets and do my own
> NAT and firewalling. Also, I'd like to switch off any LAN-side DHCP
> and DHS, handling all that myself.
> If one can't get a DSL modem to do that sort of thing, what are my options?
> Comcast SOHO service? What kind of modem/router does one get for Comcast
> broadband?
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