[CLUE-Cert] next meeting

David Anselmi anselmi at americanisp.net
Mon Nov 18 15:13:41 MST 2002

Sean LeBlanc wrote:
> Well, you CAN email them after hours, but if you are having email
> difficulties, unless you email them from Hotmail or the like it's hard to
> email them from the home account. :) It's like those error messages
> - "Keyboard not detected. Press F1 to continue".

If you can get to the net at all, all you need is an SMTP server.  I 
happened to have one at home, but there are several MX records for amisp 
in DNS, so you could have tried one of the other SMTP servers (just 
change the settings in your mailer).

Of course getting things to their final destination is problematic if 
the destination is down.


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