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Nick Pascucci npascut1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 19:38:41 MST 2011

Hi Mike,

You can return lists just like any other variable in Python. When you
iterate over it, just remember that the returned value was a list, and not
a single value. You don't need to make it into a tuple or wrap it in
another list like in your example. Here's a demo for you:

def foo():
    return ["baz", "bar", "quux"]

my_list = foo()
for x in my_list:
    print x  # Prints "baz\nbar\nquuz"

If you do like in your example, and put my_list = [foo()] you'll have a
list of lists containing your desired list. Probably not what you're
looking for.

Hope that helps,

On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 7:18 PM, Mike Bean <beandaemon at gmail.com> wrote:

> OK, I'm pretty sure this is a fairly novice question, but I'm working a
> project on my own and my attempts to suss the solution have met with
> limited success.
> I'm writing mostly similar code over and over again, bad me.  But I have
> to be able to return a list/array, and I don't know if return statement can
> handle more then just a single variable.  So for example, I realize your
> generic scenario is
> def function()
>      variable="whatever"
>      return(variable)
> newvar=function()
> print("newvar")
> but I want to know is what's wrong with my logic in this sense:
> def function()
>      my_array=[1,2,3]
>      return(my_array)
> new_array=[(my_array)]
> for x in new_array:
>      print(x)
> testing has met with no success obviously.  I'm assuming it's because an
> array is not the same thing as a generic variable.  In any case, any
> suggestions/guidance from folks with experience in programming/python is
> appreciated.
> Bean
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