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David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Tue Feb 14 12:19:43 MST 2012

Please pardon my inappropriate use of this list. I haven't taken time to join CLUE-admin yet, but I want to get these things out there. 

Since tonight is also Valentine's Day evening, and two of the people I love most in the world won't be at CLUE... I have to beg out tonight. 

Here are my nominations, votes, and decisions for as much of the content as I think is reasonably likely. If anyone wants my opinion on something that isn't here, text me at 720-333-5267, or call if you must. 

I intend to continue to be a contributing member of CLUE, for as long as there is a CLUE. I haven't reached my quit point, but I'm really close to my "fork" point. But, even if I "fork off" and start a new club, I will always support CLUE. My goals for CLUE for 2011 were: ~50 people at every meeting, and an email list that anyone can safely use for friendly and free technical support. I failed to reach those goals, so they remain un-changed in 2012. 

I nominate Dave Anselmi for President. If that nomination is seconded, and he accepts, I vote for him, of course. 

I oppose turning CLUE into a governement-approved charity. In fact, I oppose the federal government deciding what constitutes charity and granting or with-holding preferential treatment for any reason, but I ~definitely~ oppose participation, on principle. 

I nominate Gus Calabrese for Treasurer. I think he's doing a fine job with the money. Not so much with "keeping it pro" on this email list, and if it were up to me, he'd've been kicked from the list, to return whenever he was ready, but I do like Gus, I always have, and I think he's worth the effort it takes to put up with him. I hope you all feel about me the way I feel about Gus. :-) 

I nominate Will Sterling for Speaker Coordinator. He probably won't accept, but if he did accept, he'd do an awesome job of it. 

If I'm nominated for anything, I accept the nomination, IIF one or more other persons have already accepted nomination, otherwise I decline. To be clear, I don't want to be the only hat-wearing worker-bee in 2012. 

I hope that someone will offer to head up a group of Drupalizers with the mission to ~complete~ a web-site upgrade (not just to ~work on~ one). I am an engineer, and willing to help with the project. I still think DNS round-robin load-balanced basement servers is the right way to go on this, but I submit to and support the project lead, ONLY if someone will commit to following through and finishing the job, no matter how much BS gets in their way. 

I want Dennis to be re-imbursed from the CLUE treasury for his out-of-pocket expenses ASAP. 

David L. Willson 
Trainer, Engineer, Enthusiast 
RHCE MCT MCSE Network+ A+ Linux+ LPIC-1 NovellCLA UbuntuCP 
Freedom is better when you earn it. Learn Linux. 

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