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Tue Mar 6 16:21:45 MST 2012

well take it or leave it, I use Blender to express myself through images.
I don't use Blender for the sake of learning Blender and a seminar
geared towards me making images for website images I think would be
I have used Blender to achieve goals, namely making graphics logos and
simple animations for websites, but I am concerned about the
implications of using shockwave files to begin expressing myself on
the security side.
I would love to engage in a couple of face to face discussions that
may have to be qualified as seminars or whatever to learn some more
but I don't have an application for such a meeting just yet and at the
same time don't want to miss out on any pertinent instruction on
improving my skill set from you or any interested parties regarding
the creation of images to express myself.

On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 4:05 PM, Dan Kulinski <daniel at kulinski.net> wrote:
> Actually I think Blender and GIMP could easily have many multiple hour
> sessions on training.  I have used both in passing to know that my artistic
> ability is basically nil.
> Blender would need a bit of time just on the interface, that is first
> learning curve.  Making simple 3D objects is easy and quite fun.  After that
> a tutorial on UV mapping would be required.  It is, at least to me, very
> difficult to imagine unwrapping a 3D model onto a flat 2D surface. The node
> based rendering system is yet another section which has profound
> implications on the final product.  Your simplified explanation, while
> giving a quick overview, doesn't really express the power of this system.
> In fact, you really do need to have some knowledge on the 3D pipeline in
> order to really maximize the use of the node system.
> The GIMP is a similarly complex system.  There are basic operations you can
> do with it that are easily teachable but doesn't put it much higher in
> capability than a basic paint program.  GIMP has the capability of adding
> layers to a photograph, manipulating each layer separately or in fact
> combining layers to add certain effects.  GIMP also has many, many filters
> that require some mathematical or at least previous knowledge.  Also, GIMP
> has many script-fu utilities that can simplify some not so simple tasks.
> I am not willing to give talks on these tools and I feel it would be a
> disservice to the power that these things represent.  I do use GIMP quite
> frequently for photo touch-ups and some artsy project, usually DVD labels.
> Every once in a while I get the Blender bug and fail quickly to obtain what
> I want.  I am in awe of people that can maximize their potential in these
> tools.
> Dan Kulinski
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