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Who is CLUE?

Colorado Linux Users & Enthusiasts (CLUE) is the Linux User's Group (LUG) for the Denver metro area. Our goal is simple: we advocate the GNU/Linux operating system. Our advocacy is achieved by social gatherings and dissemination of information about GNU/Linux, and other Free and Open Source software.

Participation in CLUE is free and open to everyone. We have regular meetings, and provide several mailing lists for discussions about Free and Open Source Software, and other topics of interest to Linux enthusiasts. Meetings are held in the Denver Tech. Center area on the second Tuesday of each month.

We regretfully announce that we have cancelled the membership program. It's been quite clear for quite a while that we were never going to fulfill the promise of benefits reserved for CLUE members, and it's about time we officially admitted that.

Whether you are new to Linux, a Linux expert, or just interested in Linux, please join us at our next meeting. If you cannot attend the monthly meetings, we also host Installfests, where CLUEbies gather to share knowledge about Linux installation and configuration. Finally, you can be involved in CLUE remotely by joining the CLUE email lists.

Monthly Meeting

CLUE hosts a monthly meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

NOTE: special meeting date for March '15. Our March meeting will be on the first Tuesday to accomodate our speaker's schedule.

Next Meeting: 3 March 2014, 7:00 PM
Location: McAfee
Speaker: Jonathan
Topic: Lessons from mesh networking:

  • WiFi basics (Rx, Tx, dBm, dBi)
  • RF Propagation (That Denver dry, thin air does wonders for this project)
  • 802.11 encryption (WPA, TKIP, etc.)
  • Fresnel zones
  • cjdns/B.A.T.M.A.N./DHT and how it relates to traditional networks
  • FCC regulations on WiFi signals
  • 900 MHz vs. 2.4GHz vs. 5.8GHz"

Upcoming meetings:

  • 14 April—Nothing yet, make a suggestion!
Speakers Needed: CLUE is seeking speakers to give presentations for our meetings. Topics may be anything related to Linux or other Free/Open-Source software. If you would like to make a presentation at one of our meetings, or know of someone who would, please contact Dave Anselmi.


An "Installfest" is a social gathering where folks interested in Linux share knowledge about Linux installation and configuration. Often, those new to or interested in Linux will bring their computers for installation assistance. Others have already installed Linux and wish to try out new configurations or software. Typically, the CLUE installfests last for most of a weekend day.

We try to alternate locations between the DeVry University Denver South Campus in the Denver Tech Center and DeVry Westminster near 120th and Huron. Please see our Installfest page for more information.


CLUE Website: If you find errors in the web site please report them to webmaster. The site is hosted on gitorious so you can help improve it (starting with the CLUE Dev page, perhaps.

CLUE Presentations: If you would like to make a presentation at a CLUE meeting, or know someone who would, please contact our Speaker Coordinator: Dave Anselmi.

CLUE Sponsorship: If your organization or business would like to become a CLUE Sponsor, please contact Dave Anselmi.

CLUE Donations: CLUE now has a donation button. David Willson is serving as our agent for accepting donations to CLUE's treasury via Paypal. If you would care to donate money in support of CLUE, please use the Donate button in the sidebar. CLUE funds are used to purchase web hosting services, and supplies for Installfests.

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