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Links to Information and Help for Linux

One of the most common questions new Linux users ask is 'where can I get help with Linux?'. In addition to help from the CLUE email list, we strongly encourage you to use the following resources to answer questions and provide much information about Linux.

A great resource for information about Linux and technical aspects is the Linux Documentation Project (LDP). The HowTo topics explain how to do some thing with Linux. For example, the Ethernet-HowTo explains how to configure your Linux system to use ethernet cards. The LDP also has Frequently Asked Questions, Linux man (manual) pages, and guides (full length reference books). The best part about the LDP is that the documents are available in many formats: HTML, PDF, Post-Script, plain text. Finally, note that much of the LDP content is delivered with most Linux distributions, so check your Linux machine in /usr/doc for LDP documents.

In addition to the LDP, there are numerous Linux newsgroups available. Usenet newsgroups have been around for nearly 20 years on the internet. They are a forum for information exchange and there are newsgroups for any topic imaginable. You can read more about Usenet at their homepage.

If you are unfamiliar with Usenet newsgroups, please be aware that accepted newsgroup etiquette is that you read or search the newsgroup before you ask your question. The reason for this is because there is a good chance that someone already has asked your question and received an answer or suggestion. In addition, some newsgroups have a FAQ - Frequently Asked Question list. Such FAQs are posted on a weekly or monthly basis to the newsgroup. Definitely, consult the FAQ for the group of interest before you post a question. This will spare you the embarassment of asking a question and receiving a response like 'Your question is answered in the FAQ. Go read it!'.

To search newsgroup archives, you can use the Advanced Groups Search on Google (Google is powered by Linux). Check the Linux Help section below for additional Linux newsgroups. If you do not have a Usenet newsfeed from your ISP or do not want to set up your Usenet news reader client, you can browse Usenet news on Google.

Linux Certification

Linux Distributions

There are many distributions of the GNU/Linux operating system. Here are some of the most popular.

An easy way to try out Linux is by using a "Live CD". Boot your system from the CD, and use Linux without needing to do an install. Most, if not all, of the major distributions listed above have live CD's available. Another one you can try is Knoppix.

There are also distributions optimized for small machines, and/or use from a USB flash drive. Here are a couple examples:

For even more information on varieties of the GNU/Linux operating system to use, check out:

Linux Companies

  • O'Reilly -- O'Reilly deserves special attention due to the number of contributions to CLUE. Thanks, O'Reilly!

Colorado Linux Companies

Colorado Linux User Groups

Generally, CLUE members live in the Denver metro area. You may find other Linux User Groups closer to you. If your Colorado LUG is not listed, please drop an email to the webmaster.

A list of LUGs in other states can be found here.